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Cyber Monday.


Cyber Monday.

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  • Everyone on tumblr: i'm ugly *actually gorgeous*
  • Me: i'm ugly *actually ugly*

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Together, No Matter What Happens

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—> Because he didn’t know her back then. But now he does.
—> Because he’s the bad boy and she the sweet model.
—> Because he is jealous when Izzie is with another guy.
—> Because he still had feelings for her.
—> Because she didn’t want Alex to move in considering their past.
—> Because they’re hot.
—> Because they love each other.
—> Because they are friends.
—> Because they both let Cristina of the hook.
—> Because she orders everything he said.
—> Because Izzie is the first one in the hospital that sees that Alex is okay.
—> Because they blew away an eyelash together.
—> Because he thinks she deserves to have someone.
—> Because she didn’t want to believe that he is really over her.
—> Because he is jealous of O’Malley.
—> Because she thinks he is so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time.
—> Because he asks her out for real.
—> Because they give the rest something to talk about.
—> Because Alex and Izzie do not believe you.
—> Because he had a good time on their date.
—> Because he plans to kiss her a lot more.
—> Because they both can’t sleep.
—> Because he likes her rack, but can do without it, because all he wants is her.
—> Because she forgave him.
—> Because she helped her practising for his test.
—> Because she opened up his testresults.
—> Because he never wanted to hurt her. 

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“I believe in heaven. I also believe in hell. I’ve never seen either, but I believe they exist. They have to exist because without a heaven, without a hell, we’re all just headed for limbo." — grey’s anatomy (via newgirlintownx)

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Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Everyday him and me. Our eyes do not cross. I look at him when he did not look at me. Him look me, when he thinks I'm not looking. Yes I have heartache.
My life turns around Grey's Anatomy

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