In love with Sebastian Stan
To- do
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"Siempre llega un momento en que no hay más remedio que arriesgarse."

Ensayo sobre la ceguera- Jose Saramago (via podredumbredelquerer)
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i bring you chris and sebastian thinking about pussy

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He pensado últimamente en dejar todo esto del roleplay. Muchas personas fuera de esto me dicen que tome el tiempo que le doy a esto en hacer algo de provecho, hace unos años no les hubiera hecho nada de caso pero supongo que tienen razón y lo estoy considerando. Ademas de que  no quiero estar aquí cuando tenga 24 años o más. Pero es difícil desapegarse a algo que he estado haciendo por más de cinco años.

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make me choose: Alex Karev or Jackson Avery

Add in your own languageEnglish: I love you
German: Ich liebe dich.
Portuguese: Eu amo-te
Brazilian: Eu te amo
Keymash: alskdfjcashbcnlasdjfan
Harry Potter: Always
Dean: Don't ever change.
Fangirlish: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST LOOK AT YOU jasdhfifhss
Hungarian: Szeretlek
Persian: Doostet daram
Czech: Miluju tě
Turkish: Seni seviyorum
Russian: Я тебя люблю (Ya tebya lyublyu)
Italian: Ti amo~
Spanish: Te amo.
Loki: You have heart.
Augustus Waters: Okay?
Hazel Grace Lancaster: Okay.
Adele: Never mind, I'll find someone like you
Captain Jack Harkness: Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness.
Peeta: I don't want to forget
Katniss: Real
Sherlock: You're an idiot.
John Watson: I always say "I love you", but it's usually subtext
Spock: I have been emotionally compromised
The Doctor: Rose Tyler... I--
Thor: You give up this poisonous dream! You come home.
Arthur: Merlin, you idiot!
Steven Moffat: Make them suffer. That is how I show the emotion you humans refer to as 'love'.
Star Wars: I know
Law & Order Special Victims Unit: I'd Give You a Kidney
Caroline Forbes: I'm afraid of you
Klaus Mikaelson: He's your first love. I intend to be your last.
Scott Pilgrim: I'm in lesbians with you.
Sam Winchester: Jerk
Dean Winchester: Bitch
Cas: We share a profound bond
Captain Hook: You are my bean.
Emma Swan: Go eat your jello.
Bug: Eep-opp-ork-ah-ah
Tony Stark: Give yourself 12% of the credit
Pepper: We were having 12% of a moment
Loki: Sentiment
Coulson: I watched you while you slept
Sherlock: Sherlock is actually a girl's name.
Link: Hyah
Dan Howell: No homo.
Tyler Oakley: You're an idiot
Latin: Amo tu!
Terezi: YOU SM3LL D3L1C1OUS! >:]
Karkat: ...
Supernatural: I need you
Also Supernatural: I'm proud of us
French: Je t'aime
Hodor: Hodor.
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